Sew & Stuff

Welcome to Sew & Stuff!

My passions for crafting and helping people have combined to create Sew & Stuff here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I love to sew and other crafty stuff including knitting and crochet. I have 30+ years experience in these crafts as well as many years in customer service.

I also love to share my crafts and have taken on students in the past.

We do mending, alterations, custom sewing and crafts for customers in Cheyenne, Wyoming and nearby communities. Anything else you may have questions on just give me a call: 307-256-4479

Current Alterations Price List

  • Hemming pants $15.00
  • Hemming skirts, dresses, or tops $15.00
  • Replacing zipper in coats $30.00
  • Replacing zippers in pants, or skirts $25.00
  • Sewing up an open seam $1.00/ inch
  • Buttons checked and sewn tight $5.00/ clothing item
  • Mending a non-seam tear evaluated individually
  • Custom design work evaluated individually.